Work Boots Made By Inmates Donated to Urban Corps of San Diego

photo from the Urban Corps Facebook page

Story taken from, San Diego, CA

Officials from the Donovan Correctional Facility donated 1,000 pairs of work boots to the Urban Corps of San Diego County Thursday.

The boots were made by inmates at Donovan's shoe factory.

The steel toes make them perfect for the Corpsmembers, who receive job training in recycling, urban forestry and green construction.

The donation also frees up funding that can be used for other corps programs.

"It's going to relieve a tremendous amount in our overhead in allowing us flexibility in putting more resources towards other programs such as our job placement and our career counseling services that we provide to our corp members while in our program," explained Robert Chavez the Chief Executive Officer of Urban Corp of San Diego.

Officials from Donovan say the donation is part of the prison system's commitment to give back to the community.