Turn Your Corps' Campus into a Certified Wildlife Habitat

It's not hard to make your backyard, garden - or the area around your Corps' office - a Certified Wildlife Habitat with the National Wildlife Federation. If you use sustainable practices to maintain your property, and if your outdoor space has food, water, cover and a place for animals to raise young - then you're already well on your way to certification

Watch these two great videos featuring Corpsmembers of the California Conservation Corps explaining what defines a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat (CWH) and how you can make your "campus, backyard or even a porch" wildlife habitat. In the first video, Corpsmember Daniel Villeux explains what is required to create a CWH. In the second video, watch some "birds" (John Griffith and his crew) show the benefit of a CWH from an animal's perspective.

Be sure to also check out this blog post from California Conservation Corps member Karlee Jewell about how you can be a part of creating vital habitat for species in need. 


How to Certify Your Campus as Wildlife Habitat


Birds of a Feather