Photos of the Month: September 2013

Keep updating those Facebook photos! We'll collect some of our favorite photos posted on Corps Facebook pages within the past month and post them on this blog. Here are some of our favorites from September. 


This is the last field day for our Alaska Service Corps crews. All that remains are a few soggy souls and the memories of a challenging, yet rewarding summer. Thank you to all of our crews this year for your hard work and dedication to service.

Youth Conservation Corps


Montana Conservation Corps - 
Well fall has finally arrived in Montana. Crews still have a few more hitches of work before the season wraps up, but cooler weather is here to stay. Any suggestions for crews to keep warm?


Conservation Corps Minnesota & IowaErik Wrede of the DNR shows everyone how it is done. — at Minnesota State Fair Grounds.


YEP - Youth Employment in Parks


Vermont Youth Conservation CorpsA new technique in the east, this project involves installing “toe wood” at the bottom of the bank (burying large woody debris perpendicular to the river flow, root ends exposed), which is implemented by the contractor in an excavator. Above the toe wood, jute-fabric soil lifts are installed to stabilize erosive soils. The fabric is secured with native willow stakes. Voila: riverbank stabilization. Notably, this location was severely damaged by tropical storm Irene.


Rocky Mountain Youth Corps - ColoradoOur fall Veterans Fire Corps taking a break from some juniper and pinyon saw work. The crew is currently serving as part of a 20 person hand crew, the Yampa River crew, fighting the Burroughs Fire in Wyoming.


Conservation Corps Minnesota & IowaYesterday we got to make 71 dozen seed bombs at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota's CareFest volunteering event with over100 of their employees! The seed bombs will be planted in local parks by our crews.


Earth Conservation Corps


Rocky Mountain Youth Corps - Colorado
One of our fall crews on their morning commute in Dinosaur National Monument.


San Francisco Conservation Corps
Congratulations Ming, who will be graduating on October 17th, on successfully completing the SFCC Program. In his time at the Corp Ming has obtained a High School Diploma, a leadership position as a TRS-Driver, was accepted into the YearUp Program and won the “More Thrilling than Michael” Dance-Off Award at the 2013 Talent Show.


Corps Job Exchange - 1. It's a one-of-a-kind collaboration of organizations dedicated to sharing opportunities and resources for your next career goals.

2. It helps you find jobs that will be a good fit for your experience and interests.
3. It helps you find like-minded employers who care about service.
4. Find opportunities you might not hear about otherwise.
5. It makes careers in conservation more accessible.
6. It raises awareness of Corps in general.
7. It's about more than just jobs: you can find information on the AmeriCorps Education Award, career tips, and more.
8. It's accessible: you're already on Facebook.
9. It gives recruiters access to a diverse and highly qualified applicant pool.
10. It helps you find your next adventure!


Coconino Rural Environment Corps
CREC learns the ropes at Search and Rescue. (We hope the dummy pulls through!)


Heart of Oregon CorpsThank you Black Bear Diner for lunch!!




Photos of the Month: August 2013

Keep updating those Facebook photos! We'll collect some of our favorite photos posted on Corps Facebook pages within the past month and post them on this blog. Here are some of our favorites from August.


KUPU - Hawaii Youth Conservation Corps
Kupu Gateway Team Hilo A's version of the classic "American Gothic" Painting... conservation style!

Texas Conservation Corps
Texas Conservation Corps Emergency Response Team Blue's first demo/clean up project in Circle, Alaska. Disassembling a log cabin foundation which consists of a plywood layer, floor joists, insulation and another layer of plywood. The cabin was removed from its foundation and placed about 20' away during the Yukon River Flood in May 2013. Photos by Valerie Tamburri.

Conservation Corps Minnesota & Iowa - Going to the Minnesota State Fair? Visit us at the DNR Complex! Post your cut-out photo on our wall for a chance to win two free tickets to the Conservation Corps 80th birthday celebration.


Four Corners School of Outdoor EducationThis training was THE largest collaborative assembly of youth corps members in the history of the Universe!* Thanks to the Escalante River Watershed Partnership andSouthwest Conservation Corps for planning and hosting the training, and to the 80 corps members with Canyon Country Youth Corps, Utah Conservation Corps, andCREC Coconino Rural Environment Corps for all of their hard work. This upcoming season, they plan to accomplish 10 YEARS worth of habitat restoration in only 10 weeks.**
(*We cannot actually verify this, but seriously, it was huge. **This is actually true. Photo by Jacob W. Frank)

California Conservation Corps - posted by John Griffith on the Totem Magic: Going MAD Facebook page
Beth Pratt, the CA Director of The National Wildlife Federation came to visit the California Conservation Corps, Ukiah center to congratulate the corps members on certifying their residential campus as certified wildlife habitat!!!

Maine Conservation Corps

Mile High Youth Corps
First challenege: the banana toss

Conservation Corps North Bay - Indian Valley Organic Farm and Garden


Student Conservation AssociationSCA's Hudson Valley Corps is waist deep in conservation. 

California Conservation Corps - from The Corps Network's Facebook page -  
Three Generations on California Fire

KUPU - Hawaii Youth Conservation Corps - KUPU service event


Photos of the Month: July 2013


Keep updating those Facebook photos! We'll collect some of our favorite photos posted on Corps Facebook pages within the past month and post them on this blog. Here are some of our favorites from July. 


Southwest Conservation Corps


Earth Conservation Corps


Mile High Youth Corps


Reaching the Summit Community Service Initiative


The Rooftop Garden at Urban Corps of San Diego


"Tools of the trade. Can anyone name them all?" - Maine Conservation Corps 


LA Conservation Corps