Four Member Organizations of The Corps Network Accredited by Corps Center of Excellence

Accreditation process promotes quality Corps programs that have the capacity to meet desired outcomes for participants as well as meet the project requirements of the community and resource management partners.


Six Corps Receive Accreditation from The Corps Network

Six additional members of The Corps Network have met newly established accreditation standards. We congratulate them on this accomplishment, that indicates that each organization operates high-quality, high-performing Service and Conservation Corps programs. The six new organizations that are now accredited by The Corps Network's Center of Excellence are 

The Corps Network’s Accreditation Process involves an in-depth review of general operations, financial management, risk management, governance standards, and Corps operations. The process culiminates in a site visit conducted by peer reviewers who have the chance to observe and share innovative ideas, lessons learned, and best practices. By completing the accreditation process, Corps demonstrate their accountability to both Corpsmembers and their communities. Preparing for the accreditation process also affords Corps the opportunity to review and implement policies that will help streamline their operations and lead to more effective programs.  

The Corps Center of Excellence is administered by an Advisory Committee made up of retired and former Conservation Corps leaders, retired and former federal land management agency staff, and other experts. Their expertise and the newly developed accreditation standards provide the assurance of quality that partners look for, particularily among publically-funded government agencies. They also indicate a Corps’ ability to provide safe, appropriate, meaningful experiences for young people who complete service projects that meet community and conservation needs.

Four Service and Conservation Corps Programs First to Obtain New Accreditation

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November 25, 2014

38 Youth Corps Programs Now Provisionally Accredited by Corps Center of Excellence

9 Programs Gain Provisional Accreditation by Corps Center of Excellence

26 Youth Corps Programs First to be Provisionally Accredited by Corps Center of Excellence

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