Rocky Mountain Youth Corps Alumna Makes Headlines for Stopping a Violent Attack on the Streets of Oakland, CA

From The San Francisco Examiner

On the night of Thursday, August 30, former Rocky Mountain Youth Corps member Rain Dove was waiting at a bus stop in Oakland, CA when she noticed a fight break out across the street. A group of about a dozen men had chased another man and his female companion after the couple reacted to being harassed by a CD salesman on the street. The mob of men slammed the woman against a wall and began repeatedly kicking the man’s head.

There were plenty of bystanders, but nobody did anything to help…nobody, that is, except for Rain Dove.

“I asked the guy next to me why no one was helping and he said that there’s an unspoken policy in Oakland that we let things happen and clean up afterwards,” said Dove. “Right then, I ran across the street and pulled two of the guys off of him who were kicking his face in.”
Dove said she immediately put her hand behind the victim's head to apply pressure where he was bleeding heavily. The group then began breaking up, with several men fleeing.

Several of the attackers that stayed at the scene sexually harassed Dove as she attempted to assist the man. Dove responded by telling the attackers that they had done enough damage and could do the decent thing of trying to help the man. Dove provided money to one of the attackers who, after a change of heart, went to a local store and bought water for the victim.

Dove said paramedics who responded to the scene told her that although the man was beaten nearly to death, he will likely make a full recovery thanks to her assistance.

Click here to watch an interview with Rain on CBS San Francisco.