The Corps Network Releases New Book, Join the Crew: Inspirational Stories of Young Adults in America’s Service and Conservation Corps

Book features over 60 stories about current and former Corpsmembers from over 25 states.

WASHINGTON – Everyone who has ever participated in one of America’s Service and Conservation Corps has a story to tell. Each year, over 27,000 teens and young adults across the country join Corps as a way to gain job skills through participating in service projects that range from collecting recyclables, to tutoring kids, to fighting forest fires. Now, in Join the Crewa new book by The Corps Network – you can read about over 60 current and former Corpsmembers who experienced adventure and personal growth through their service in Corps programs.

Join the Crew is the perfect tool for people who are interested in enrolling in a Corps and want to get a better idea of what service in a Corps program is all about. The chapters in Join the Crew showcase stories of young people from all walks of life who joined Corps to build their resumes; make a fresh start; try something new (like wielding a chainsaw!); help support their families; or re-adjust to society after serving time. A special chapter written by Corpsmembers themselves adds additional insight into how transformational and influential Corps experiences can be. Read about how service in Corps programs helped recent graduates find a meaningful career path; helped troubled teens find stability; helped veterans readjust to civilian life; and helped so many others build self-confidence and build a future.

The release of Join the Crew is particularly timely because, even as our country faces some of the highest youth unemployment rates in recent history, Corps programs continue to help young men and women of diverse backgrounds gain meaningful employment, life skills, and academic and career credentials. Today’s Corps are the direct descendent of the Great Depression-era Civilian Conservation Corps; one of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s most successful New Deal initiatives to get young men back to work. The stories in Join the Crew show that Corps are alive and well and are an excellent option for young people interested in launching their careers.

The young people featured in this book come from over 25 different states and 40 different Corps programs. Their stories detail how, after completing their service in Corps programs, they went on to pursue successful careers in business, teaching, conservation, youth development, land management, health care, and many other lines of work. Packed with photos and illustrations, Join the Crew offers inspiration for what a Corps experience can lead to.

Join the Crew is available as an “ebook” on Seventy percent of the proceeds from book sales go directly to supporting the work of The Corps Network, the National Association of Service and Conservation Corps that provides national leadership for the Corps programs. 

About The Corps Network

The Corps Network is the voice of the nation’s 127 Service and Conservation Corps. Currently operating in every state and the District of Columbia, Corps annually enroll more than 27,000 young men and women in service every year. Since its creation in 1985, The Corps Network has provided national leadership and promoted the growth and quality of its member Corps as they provide education, workforce development, and an ethic of stewardship to diverse youth who address important community and conservation needs. Corps mobilize an additional 289,000 community volunteers who work alongside Corpsmembers to generate 638,684 additional hours of service every year, at an estimated value of $14,140,463. For more information, visit or contact Levi Novey at or 202.737.6272.

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