The Poets of Rocky Mountain Youth Corps - Haikus from the Trail

Nature's beauty serves as the inspiration for many great works of art -- including these haikus from the Corpsmembers of Rocky Mountian Youth Corps in Colorado.
Well...maybe these poems weren't exactly inspired by nature's beauty. Being out on the trail for days at a time can make you appreciate some of the more subtle "joys" of nature.

Haiku from Trail 4
Originally posted on RMYC: The Conservation Chronicles

Mosquitoes are out
Buzzing in my ear won’t stop
Die die die die die

Bacon grease for days
Chillin in the cup holder
My hair has more grease

In the hills with nerds
Showing off our Magic skills
Where is the walmart?

Sawing back and forth
Woodchips flying in my face
Help! It’s stuck in place

Building a turnpike
Giant rocks won’t move themselves

Rendezvous cook off
For your sweet tooth and meat tooth
Deep fried bacon balls

Digging a cathole
Out in nature feels so nice
Uh-oh, have to wipe

Not oatmeal again
Maybe I’ll add more sugar
Nope, still tastes nasty

Squatting in the woods
Found a nice secluded spot
Oh hey, a hiker

Been out in the woods
Starting to lose sanity

Hikers can’t make jokes
Building an escalator?
Heard that one before

Hiking 14ers
Why did I sign up for this
That’s not the summit?

Morning before work
Troy’s hair looks magnificent
What is his secret?

We all need our meds
Haven’t seen Nathan in weeks
Mail is like Christmas