Plenary: Why The Corps Network Matters, Annual Meeting


The Corps Network's Board of Directors. Joel Holtrop, Chair, pictured at the podium. Mary Ellen Ardouny, President and CEO of The Corps Network, seated furthest to the right.

The final plenary session of our 2013 National Conference got off to a great start with a truly inspiring speech delivered by Jesse Roehm, one of this year’s Corpsmembers of the Year. Jesse spoke about how he has always been passionate about environmental stewardship, but how some of the things he loved in life fell by the wayside during his relatively turbulent college years. After graduating from Indiana University, Jesse dedicated a year of his life to service and became a highly respected Corpsmember (and eventually a staff member) with Mile High Youth Corps in Denver. In his speech, Jesse spoke of how the Corps helped him find direction and rebuild a connection with the values he cared about most.

Jesse Roehm, a 2013 Corpsmember of the Year from Mile High Youth Corps in Denver, delivers an inspiring speech. 


Jesse then turned the session over to Joel Holtrop, Chair of The Corps Network’s Board of Directors, and other Board Members, including Joe Scantlebury and Laura Herrin. By sharing personal stories, they shared their own connections to the work of Corps, and their vision for The Corps Network and why they believe the work we do is so important.

For many of our new Board Members, this session marked the one year point of their commitment to serving on the Board of The Corps Network. It was a time to reflect upon the great things they had learned over that period of time.  This session also involved The Corps Network’s Annual Meeting, during which we heard a positive report from the Treasurer of the Board.