Act Now… Time Is Running Out!

Washington, DC – The Corps Network’s Waders in the Water live, online webinar training and certification is filling-up fast.
The new online course price of $199 per student has the maximum 100 slots in the class and space is going quickly. The six-hour class, Mon. November 3 and Tues. November 4, 10 am – 1 pm Eastern Time, has been well received by corps nationwide.
Many corps who are in-between students have elected to train one or two staff members to see if the class is a good fit for their Spring ’15 training budget and schedule. Some other corps have registered multiple crews in preparation for projects they are about to start. To register for one of the remaining slots, please call Luke Frazza at Trout Headwaters at 703-244-7460.

If you missed the earlier story explaining the program in detail, please go here.

About The Corps Network and Trout Headwaters, Inc.

The Corps Network's 127 members operate in all states and the District of Columbia. Each year they collectively enroll over 27,000 Corpsmembers from ages 16-25. Corps organize an additional 289,000 community volunteers who work alongside Corpsmembers to generate 638,684 additional hours of service annually, at an estimated value of $14,140,463. It is the mission of The Corps Network to provide national leadership and promote the growth and quality of its member Corps as they provide education, workforce development, and an ethic of stewardship to diverse youth who address important community and conservation needs.
Trout Headwaters, Inc. is the industry leader in sustainable approaches to stream, river, and wetland renewal and repair. As one of the oldest firms in the industry, THI has pioneered approaches using natural materials and native vegetation that can reliably replace hard, invasive treatments that often damage our nation’s streams and rivers.

Besides developing and refining new techniques THI is a staunch advocate for greater sharing of information and more consistent use of assessment and monitoring tools, providing greater certainty of environmental benefits to restoration.


Luke Frazza, Project Development, Trout Headwaters, Inc. (703)244-7460

Marie Walker, Vice President, The Corps Network (202)737-6272