Aquatic Restoration Training Program Launches & Draws Rave Reviews



WASHINGTON, D.C. – June 16, 2014 - The Waders in the Water program pilot is in full swing and Corps from coast to coast have begun receiving training and certification for climate-ready aquatic restoration emerging: with skills in aquatic safety, knowledgeable about installation techniques, ready to provide business and government with reliable restoration for streams, rivers and wetlands across the U.S. 


The Waders in the Water training and certification was built to support the goals of the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps which aims to have 100,000 young people and veterans working to improve public lands and waters everywhere.  The curriculum was specifically designed by The Corps Network and Trout Headwaters Inc. to enable youth to enter conservation careers by learning how to improve the health, productivity and climate-resiliency of our streams, rivers, and wetlands.


After some members of California AmeriCorps completed the training with American Conservation Experience (ACE), ACE Director of Operations Keith Trainor said "ACE is thrilled to provide members with this valuable learning opportunity. The ‘Waders in the Water’ training will translate directly into increased safety and crew productivity on our restoration projects.  This   benefits our partners, crew leaders, and most importantly the wetland habitats themselves."


Upon completing the training, AmeriCorps member Steve Reighley remarked “I found the Waders in the Water training extremely valuable.  I was so impressed with the depth of the material.  I left inspired to pursue a career in conservation and wetland restoration.”


Excitement is being expressed as well by business and government, who say they have long-wished for a trained and skilled national restoration workforce.  Adam Davis, Partner and Director of Research, Policy, & New Markets for Ecosystem Investment Partners in San Rafael, California, believes “a highly-trained Youth Corps workforce will be a powerful tool for the restoration economy. There is certainly no shortage of work to be done.”  


Trout Headwaters is still accepting select Corps for the pilot training program. If your corps is interested in participating or learning more about the program’s many benefits including experienced third-party certification and the leverage of national brand, please contact Luke Frazza at your earliest convenience.  Applications for the Pilot will close on July 1, 2014.


The Corps Network

The Corps Network's 100+ members operate in all states and the District of Columbia. Each year they collectively enroll over 25,838 Corpsmembers from ages 16-25. Corps organize an additional 154,486 community volunteers who work alongside Corpsmembers to generate 450,013 additional hours of service annually, at an estimated value of $9,963,287. It is the mission of The Corps Network to provide national leadership and promote the growth and quality of its member Corps as they provide education, workforce development, and an ethic of stewardship to diverse youth who address important community and conservation needs.


Trout Headwaters, Inc.
Trout Headwaters, Inc. is the industry leader in sustainable approaches to stream, river, and wetland renewal and repair.  As one of the oldest firms in the industry, THI has pioneered approaches using natural materials and native vegetation that can reliably replace hard, invasive treatments that often damage our nation’s streams and rivers. Besides developing and refining new techniques THI is a staunch advocates for greater sharing of information and more consistent use of assessment and monitoring tools, providing greater certainty of environmental benefits to restoration.


Pilot Project Contacts:

Luke Frazza, Business Development, Trout Headwaters, Inc.

Marie Walker, Vice President, The Corps Network

About The Corps Network

The Corps Network provides critical leadership to the Corps movement and our nation’s Service and Conservation Corps as they harness the power of youth and young adults to tackle some of America’s greatest challenges and transform their own lives. Our 100+ members operate in all states and the District of Columbia. Each year they collectively enroll approximately 26,000 Corpsmembers from ages 16-25. Corps are comprehensive youth development programs that provide their participants with job training, academic programming, leadership skills, and additional support through a strategy of service that improves communities and the environment. Learn more at

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