Time to Renew Your Membership in The Corps Network - 2017

It's time for your organization to renew your membership in The Corps Network! We look forward to working with you for another year! See below for a message from our CEO, Mary Ellen Sprenkel. 

As of September 27, 2016, membership renewal packets have been sent out to all current members of The Corps Network. If you believe you did not receive this information, please contact Bobby Tillett, Member Services Coordinator.

Membership renewal paperwork and dues must be submitted no later than:
October 31, 2016.

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A Letter From Our CEO

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September 19, 2016 

Dear Members of The Corps Network, 

As the 2016 Fiscal Year comes to a close, I am proud to report on our progress and successes over the past year. This September, TCN membership reached 132 Service and Conservation Corps members, 61 Affiliate members, and 400 AmeriCorps Basic members. This represents an increase of 55 members since this time last year. Please join us in welcoming these new members; we are excited to add their experience and expertise to our network. 

In addition, we saw significant growth in many of our existing programs. In 2016, through TCN’s 21st Century Service and Conservation Corps cooperative agreement with the National Park Service, Corps accessed $1.2 million in project work with NPS. The HOPE Crew program had another great year, completing its 100th project and generating almost $1 million in historic preservation projects with Corps. Additionally, The Corps Network was awarded new OYSI and EAP grants for FY17-FY20. These grants will support 740 Corpsmember positions and provide over $8 million in scholarships each year. 

TCN continued to develop programs and services to better support member Corps and their Corpsmembers. Through the Gulf Coast Restoration Corps, The Corps Network obtained over half a million dollars to complete essential environmental restoration work in Florida and Mississippi. Additionally, TCN is in the process of creating a digital badge system to help Corpsmembers demonstrate to prospective employers the competencies they gained during their service. Other technical assistance accomplishments include adding over 100 new documents to our online resource library and organizing ten informative webinar sessions. 

We also recently launched two new coalitions, respectively focused on National Service and Education and Workforce. These coalitions are open to all member Corps and will serve as the hub for distributing information on policy and practice in these two areas. Moreover, we achieved bipartisan sponsorship and support for the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps Act in both the House and the Senate. 

Lastly, we are excited to announce the creation of the Individual Placement Program (IPP) membership category. This new category expands the types of programs eligible for Full Membership in The Corps Network to include Corps that, rather than organizing all of their Corpsmembers into “teams” or “crews,” operate programs in which Corpsmembers serving in individual, internship-like positions are part of a “cohort” of other individual placement Corpsmembers that meets regularly for training and group activities. The IPP membership is not designed to replace traditional crew-based programs, but rather to meet the growing demand of member Corps and Corps partners for individual placement positions. With the creation of the Individual Placement Programs membership category, we hope to expand this program model and develop ways to support different kinds of Corps experiences that meet the main objective of engaging young people in meaningful service that helps improve communities and the environment. 

We are honored to support your programs as you harness the power of youth and young adults to tackle some of America’s greatest challenges. We thank you for your continued membership in The Corps Network and look forward to working with you over the coming year. 


Mary Ellen Sprenkel 


President & CEO