National Council of Young Leaders to Launch at Opportunity Nation Summit

Next week The Corps Network and many of our members and allies will participate in the Opportunity Nation Summit. Among the activities will be a major meeting and gathering of leaders focused on creating opportunities for Americans, and in particular low-income youth and their communities. As part of this effort, a new National Congress of Young Leaders will launch, seeking to inform policymakers on a national level about the issues, challenges and --most importantly-- solutions that will help provide youth with a boost to achieve career and life success in America.

The Corps Network is proud that several of our most recent Corpsmembers of the Year, Philan Tree and Ladine "JR" Daniels, will be members of the National Council. We look forward to sharing with you all the fruits of their labors, as well as those other Corpsmembers and Corps staff members who are coming to join us in Washington D.C. as part of this collaborative summit.

You can learn more about the Summit by clicking here and also make plans to watch parts of it online.