Montana Conservation Corps Responds to Deadly Avalanche

Photo from NBC Montana

Parts taken from NBC Montana and KPAX News

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The Montana Conservation Corps, along with neighbors and friends, are continuing digging in the snow and working hard to find an array of meaningful items at the site of last week's deadly Missoula avalanche.

Michel Jo Colville, a woman who was pulled alive from the Feb. 28 snow slide in the Lower Rattlesnake area at the base of Mount Jumbo, died from her injuries several days later.

Now crews are searching for specific items and hoping to find them somewhere in the deep snow that's still at the foothills of Mount Jumbo.

"We found a couple of one of the victim's journals, we found several of those, we found a lot of seashells which they're saving. They asked to keep an eye out for ceramics, colored glass, and seashells. The kids want to make an urn for the victim and so they want some stuff to do that with," Lindsay Wancour said.

“Part of our program is service to our community, and this is a perfect opportunity for us to give a little back to the victims of this pretty devastating tragedy," said regional supervisor of the Montana Conservation Corps Bobby Grillo.