Meet New York Restoration Project's Volunteer Coordinator Danica Doroski

Article, written by Sadia Choudhury, appears on the New York Restoration Project Blog. Published July 14, 2014.

In between the arduous work of removing invasive vines from choking tall trees in Highbridge Park and planting seeds with local elementary school students at the Riley Levin Children’s Garden, Danica Doroski took a quick breather. Sitting in her favorite spot in Sherman Creek Park, a stone bench bordering an open expanse of foliage overlooking the park and city buildings, Danica described the view as a perfect illustration of her work: caring for beautiful, vital green space in the midst of a bustling, concrete city.  

As NYRP’s Volunteer Coordinator, Danica’s volunteer groups include New Yorkers from all over the city, ranging from young elementary school children to retirees—including locals who remember the Park as an illegal dumping ground two decades ago, before NYRP’s intervention. With several volunteer seasons under her belt, she explained “It’s been so amazing to watch people from different backgrounds, with different experiences interact not only with nature, but each other. We’re really building a network of diverse New Yorkers who have a common interest in caring for green space.”
With a background in ecology, Danica explained, “I love being able to share the science of what we’re doing here and help others become better stewards of green space.” At the helm of growing NYRP’s volunteer program in Northern Manhattan, Danica describes the commitment of volunteers as “…a vital resource to NYRP—they help us fulfill our goals to keep the parks vibrant and healthy. We couldn’t do all of this work without them.