LA Conservation Corps Helps Build a Biofiltration System at Local Field Laboratory


Unveiling of the Santa Susana biofilter

Los Angeles Conservation Corps recently attended the opening of a new biofiltration system at Santa Susana Field Laboratory. LACC Corpsmembers helped construct the system. Read below for more information.

Taken from At the Corps, the LACC Newsletter, Vol. 3 Issue 3

The Boeing Company, a panel of internationally recognized surface water experts, representatives from the LA Conservation Corps, Pollinator Partnership and members of the public were on-hand last week during the unveiling of Boeing's new biofiltration system which harnesses natural processes to treat storm water runoff while promoting pollinator habitats at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory, a former rocket engine test and energy research site.

"Our new biofiltration system supports Boeing's overall strategy to use natural processes to treat storm water and is one component of the company's comprehensive surface water treatment programs," said Paul Costa, Boeing's environmental operations and compliance manager. 

The new $600,000 biofilter uses natural settling, plant uptake, soil processes and specially designed filter media to capture sediment and pollutants before releasing cleaner water back into the watershed.


Boeing partnered with the LA Conservation Corps to plant over 2000 California native plants and collaborated with the Pollinator Partnership to ensure the landscape would support diverse pollinators. The result is a biofilter that acts like a natural ecosystem.

Corpsmembers worked on the project for eight weeks, beginning with a day of safety training and a tour of the facilities. In addition to the planting, corpsmembers created a "learning walk," including 350 feet of walking path, 2 benches and interpretive signage that educates visitors about biofiltration.

Since acquiring its portion of the site in 1996, Boeing has made significant progress toward cleanup and restoration and is moving toward the company's goal of preserving the site as open space parkland. For more information, visit To see more photos of the project, please visit the LACC Facebook page.