Workforce Development

Service and Conservation Corps prepare young people for jobs and careers. Since the time of the Civilian Conservation Corps going forward to modern day, this has been one of the principal goals of Corps programs.

Through the crew-based Corps model, Corpsmembers receive mentorship, learn how to work together, and develop both the "soft skills" and "hard skills" needed to succeed in the workplace. Soft skills are the basic skills that are needed to obtain and keep any type of job: wearing appropriate attire, showing up on time, and practicing good communication skills. Hard skills are the more specialized skills someone learns to do a certain type of work. For instance, participants in The Corps Network's Clean Energy Corps learn how to retrofit and weatherize homes to make them more energy efficient. 

In addition to the Clean Energy Corps, The Corps Network and its members have a long history of preparing youth for green jobs and careers. Likewise, we have served as a pathway for many formerly incarcerated young people to join a pathway to success via Civic Justice Corps programs.