Civic Engagement and Leadership

In 2011, members of The Corps Network mobilized 289,285 community volunteers-- that's enough people to fill Boston's Fenway Ballpark for over 7 games. For every Corpsmember, nearly 10 additional community volunteers were generated. These volunteers completed 541,086 hours of work: an estimated value of $11,557,597.

With impressive statistics like those, it should be no surprise that most Corps are helping to meet their communities' needs. They also guide Corpsmembers to understand how they can use their skills and knowledge to positively impact their communities. For instance, Corps encourage their Corpsmembers to assess and listen to their communities' needs, take action, vote, speak their minds with confidence, and lead others to solve problems. While there is no universal way to meet the diverse needs of communities, or serve in a role of leadership, Corps help their participants to develop transferable skills that make them more engaged citizens.