Green City Force Corpsmembers Featured in Music Video


Watch the new music video for the song “Ima Push,” by Gallo, to see Green City Force Corpsmembers in action! The video and song were produced through the Dream Reborn Song Competition, sponsored by Green For All. The competition looks for songs – by young musicians – “that spread a message of economic, social, and environmental justice.” The winner earns a $1,000 and the chance to shoot a music video. This year’s winning entry, “Ima Push,” is, as Green For All states, a song “…about finding a way to go on when you think you've got nothing left to give. Protecting our communities has never been more urgent. That means fighting pollution—by standing up to the fossil fuel industries. It also means making our neighborhoods more resilient—by investing in infrastructure and bringing green 
jobs and opportunity to the communities that need it most." The video features scenes of New Yorkers working to make their neighborhoods more sustainable, as well as scenes of the city recovering from Hurricane Sandy. Green City Force Corpsmembers can be seen throughout the video.


Click below to read about some of the ways GCF is helping youth and working to make New York City greener.