EarthCorps Alumnus Assists Japan Disaster Relief, Aims to Create New Conservation Corps in Japan


Tatsuya Tsukamoto, a 1999 EarthCorps alumnus, has been supporting recovery efforts in Japan following the devastating March 11th earthquakes and tsunami.

According to EarthCorps Director Steve Dubiel, "Tatsuya has continually pursued his dream of launching a conservation corps movement in Japan."

Tsukamoto recently emailed Dubiel and says that he's currently working with the volunteer Center in Tochigi and the Tochigi Conservation Corps to provide relief and assistance to affected communities.

In the Fukushima area, Tsukamoto and the Corps have been working in a damaged city named Iwaki City (right), near where one of Japan's nuclear power plants was damaged and is releasing radioactive materials. As a result, Tsukamoto and the Corps are planning to start a Fukushima Conservation Corps to "restore the city and the environment," but only once the nuclear plants become safe. (See more photos).

Tsukamoto wrote Steve saying: "I would like to ask you and EarthCorps to send some volunteers in the future, after Atomic Energy plants become safe. Also, I may ask you and Conservation Corps in USA to support starting Fukushima Conservation Corps, when it is ready."

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