Condolences to Northwest Youth Corps

Story appears on NWYC Facebook page.

It is with a deep sadness that we recognize the passing of Quintin Horseman, a member of Northwest Youth Corps’ Spokane CCC AmeriCorps crew. Quintin was involved in a bicycle accident while on his way to his service site Monday morning. He passed away in the hospital surrounded by family and those that love him.

Quintin had been a part of Northwest Youth Corps for several months and was a spirited and vital member of the crew. He will be remembered as a man who worked hard to improve himself; a young man who faced and defeated many obstacles that would seem insurmountable to most. He recently received his GED as well as a welding certification, and was serving as an AmeriCorps Member to develop technical skills and increase his career readiness. His life is a testament to perseverance and dedication. He has set an example for others to follow, and will be sorely missed.

We know that the Northwest Youth Corps family is an incredibly caring and empathetic group. We ask that you please keep Quintin and his family in your hearts and prayers as they move through the difficult period ahead. NYC has set up a fund raising campaign to help Quintin’s family with the costs associated with his medical care and memorial. Please visit to make a donation.