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Download the Member Benefits GuideOur primary members are Service and Conservation Corps. We also have Affiliate Members -- and a special membership level for those programs that only need access to a Health Insurance Plan that meets AmeriCorps requirements. Scroll down for a description of the various levels, or download the Member Benefits Guide. 

Why Should My Organization Join The Corps Network? 

By joining The Corps Network, you can become actively engaged in a national movement advancing service and conservation corps as programs which improve communities and impact the lives of young people. We’ll help you develop quality programs, ensure your Corps’ sustainability, and help you grow to reach more people by

1. Being a powerful advocate on your behalf in Washington DC promoting legislation and seeking federal funding opportunities.

2. Providing you with access to project and funding opportunities.

3. Helping you develop new relationships and opportunities through our Network.

4. Providing you with access, information, and expertise on strong Corps operations and programming.

5. Helping your Corps to attract attention and resources by publicizing on a national level what your Corps accomplishes.

         Click to Download the FY16 Membership Renewal Infographic

What Other Benefits are Included?

• Access to the Corps Coop (a Group Purchasing Organization).

• Access to the Department of Interior Federal Credit Union for your employees, volunteers, and their family members.  

• Our Weekly E-Newsletter, The Crewleader

• Access to AmeriCorps Education Awards

• Access to Health Insurance program for Corpsmembers

• Access to Members-Only resources on website

• Discounted registration to the annual National Conference


What are the Levels of Membership?

The Corps Network (TCN) offers 3 levels of Membership: Service and Conservation Corps, Affiliate Members, and Basic AmeriCorps Members.

Service and Conservation Corps (SCC): any government agency or non-profit organization operating a Corps as defined by TCN. SCCs provide input into TCN’s policies, programs, and advocacy efforts and each have a vote in matters of association business. Representatives can hold elective office and serve on Board and Council-appointed committees. SCCs receive advanced technical assistance through training opportunities and webinars. They are eligible to apply for any TCN funded project. Annual dues are on a sliding scale based on program budget (from $1225 and up for FY15).

Affiliate Members: any government agency or organization interested in promoting and assisting Corps, including those which operate similar programs or are starting a Corps. Representatives may serve on committees and can request basic technical assistance. Annual dues are $750 for FY15.

Basic AmeriCorps Members: a program, other than a Corps, which has AmeriCorps-funded participants, may become a Basic AmeriCorps Member for the only benefit of participating in TCN’s Health Insurance program. Annual dues are $300 for FY15 (NOTE: dues for grantees within States where the Commission is an Affiliate member are waived. Check here for a current list).


As defined by TCN, what is a Corps?

The Corps Network defines a Corps as a comprehensive youth development and service program that engages young people in service to their community while improving their own lives. Corps are programs within government units or private not-for-profit organizations that have these common elements:

1. Engage Corpsmembers between the ages of 16 to 25.

2. Organize their Corpsmembers in crews or teams and assign a supervisor to serve as a mentor and role model.

3. Have a defined program model that provides growth opportunities to Corpsmembers through a combination of intentional development activities that include education/training, career readiness, and supportive services.

4. Have a defined period of full-time service for their Corpsmembers that is either paid or provides a stipend/living allowance and is tied to developmental goals.

5. Have a goal of providing service to the communities they serve as a central element of their missions.


Ok, So How Do We Join? 

Please contact Bobby Tillett at The Corps Network for an application form which will help you determine which category of membership is appropriate for your organization.