2011 National Conference - Collective Impact: Making a Difference in Our Communities Together


In a morning plenary session Elisabeth Wenner (right), a Director of Sustainability at Kraft Foods, talked about Krafts’ efforts to work with communities and other partners to make a difference. She described how Kraft decided to measure their impact and leverage sustainability as a business strategy rather than an afterthought, or something obligatory that had to be done for appearances.

One program she discussed was Kraft’s African cashew project, that aims to increase farmers’ productivity and income while promoting a sustainable global market for cashews. Another important effort Kraft undertook was mobilizing 750+ volunteers to build new public schools using sustainable materials in several locations where schools were crumbling and posing an environmental health risk to students.

The session concluded with a discussion where Elisabeth joined Jason Levine, Director of Marketing for Planters, and James Jones, Senior Vice President at The Corps Network to talk about how Planters, Kraft, The Corps Network, and its members would work together moving forward to build urban parks and partner beyond.